Skyline - General game info
2-4 players, 15 minutes, 10 years and older
AuthorDavid Short (dshortdesign)
IllustratorsGavan Brown
David Short (dshortdesign)
Published byTasty Ministrel Games
Online since 2013-11-15
Developed byMike Lietz (mikelietz)
Boardgamegeek121423 owns a license for the online version of this game. A big "thank you" to the copyright owners (publisher and/or author and illustrator) who make it possible to have this game for free online here!
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Best players
Player TrueSkill*
Hermit Sparhawk 1214
Chilan priestess SillyW 1214
Lay priestess Monash 1211
Itzamna NurseJack 1200
Councillor pall04 1194
Itzamna Girkassa 1185
Itzamna eugilion 1183
Itzamna hgfdsa 1183
Juror DanielTroi 1176
Itzamna DrHades 1176
* Only ranking games count
Players with most games
Player Number of games*
Hermit n00bs 4854
Councillor Orn-Belter 3539
Ahaucana lilalupus 2325
Lay priestess Charlie1 2305
Weaver mietzi 2191
Judge Anja 1641
Mayor guenni 1476
Lay monk The Marmot 1476
Chilan priest bejok 1470
Baker Melly 1319
* Only ranking games count
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