Newton - General game info
1-4 players, 90 minutes, 14 years and older
AuthorsSimone Luciani (magobaol77)
Nestore Mangone
IllustratorKlemens Franz
Published byCranio Creations
Online since 2023-04-23
Developed byBart De Cock (be_com4)
Boardgamegeek244711 owns a license for the online version of this game. A big "thank you" to the copyright owners (publisher and/or author and illustrator) who make it possible to have this game for free online here!
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Best players
Player TrueSkill*
Treasurer JJClarke 1500
Juror IL-6 1390
Itzamna yakowen 1362
Ix Chel elenion211 1344
Chilan priest uranage161 1337
Chaac Xeres 1310
Lay monk JimF 1267
Ahaucan tiptapto 1243
Itzamna Keng_Ho 1236
Weaver tgbv 1228
* Only ranking games count
Players with most games
Player Number of games*
Chilan priest uranage161 121
Weaver Tommy1977 58
Weaver william231 43
Chaac Xeres 38
Shopkeeper stoneghe 34
Builder chrisotherwise 31
Baker ZoliLovag 30
Hermit waldgeist 29
Itzamna beckerc 26
Councillor PrinzProtz 26
* Only ranking games count
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