Mottainai - General game info
2-5 players, 15-30 minutes, 13 years and older
AuthorCarl Chudyk
IllustratorAlanna Cervenak
Published byAsmadi Games
Online since 2021-08-01
Developed by (Watno)
Boardgamegeek175199 owns a license for the online version of this game. A big "thank you" to the copyright owners (publisher and/or author and illustrator) who make it possible to have this game for free online here!
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Best players
Player TrueSkill*
Farmer Ittatti 1435
Hermit st_arcturus 1402
Itzamna Gaditus 1401
Ahmakiq hoff71 1344
Councillor joostie 1342
Builder grantf 1320
Weaver gillum 1306
Ix Chel dmlyrae 1303
Itzamna 9M9K9 1280
Farmer jss333 1280
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Players with most games
Player Number of games*
Toolmaker cowen897 1604
Farmer dmi3kno 1527
Baker TheZombywoof 1391
Farmer Patrila 1271
Builder grantf 946
Fisherman aaronb19 896
Ahaucan eddiigel 849
Messenger oxhide2 747
Hermit st_arcturus 715
Judge RustyBaker 636
* Only ranking games count
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