Order of the Gilded Compass - General game info
Order of the Gilded Compass
2-5 players, 30-60 minutes, 10 years and older
AuthorsJeffrey Allers (DesignerJeff)
Bernd Eisenstein (Eisenstein)
Published byGrey Fox Games
Online since 2023-06-03
Developed byJim Thompson (StCharles)
Yucata.de owns a license for the online version of this game. A big "thank you" to the copyright owners (publisher and/or author and illustrator) who make it possible to have this game for free online here!
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Best players
Player TrueSkill*
Itzamna Keng_Ho 1447
Ahmakiq TroyS 1414
Ahmakiq Golden_Knight 1313
Ahaucan Jeffy_DS 1268
Hermit jjones 1268
Itzamna alorak13 1257
Ahaucan 5erBande 1247
Treasurer dwell 1243
Mayor brittspiel 1240
Chaac OrangeFurbeast 1232
* Only ranking games count
Players with most games
Player Number of games*
Baker Nightwing 126
Itzamna Keng_Ho 121
Ahmakiq TroyS 113
Weaver joshua80 54
Weaver AnyaFrost 53
Chilan priestess Ups939468 46
Ahaucan 5erBande 40
Chaac OrangeFurbeast 39
Hermit mr.roboto 28
Weaver TwoKiwi 25
* Only ranking games count
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