King of Siam - General game info
King of Siam
2-3 players, 30-60 minutes, 12 years and older
AuthorPeer Sylvester
IllustratorsRichard Stubenvoll
Andreas Töpfer
Published byHistogame
Online since 2011-09-18
Developed by (Brer Bear)
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Player TrueSkill*
flag Temple servant SeptembreAnge 1544
flag Itzamna Ziggyny 1469
flag Shopkeeper roque 1466
flag Che-le T-more 1409
flag Monk EvilRoy 1353
flag Weaver Alien 1321
flag Che-le abreiten 1313
flag Ahaucan Midgardwanderer 1311
flag Scholar Veronika 1306
flag Architect ooohariooo 1302
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flag Temple servant SeptembreAnge 494
flag Shopkeeper roque 313
flag Macom priest PELUTODU 92
flag Macom priest Ardrummo 83
flag Itzamna fershidum 75
flag Juror Vortexsurfer 61
flag Che-le abreiten 58
flag Builder Spyzou 47
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