Atta Ants - General game info
Atta Ants
2-4 players
AuthorRichard de Rijk
Published byThe Realm of Fantasy
Online since 2006-08-08
Developed byKay Wilke (Sparhawk)
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Best players
Player TrueSkill*
flag Chaac Lumumba 1702
flag Chaac zlorfik 1556
flag Weaver PoPi 1528
flag Lay priest Montezuma 1518
flag Itzamna Glück 1516
flag Ahaucan Jimboom 1492
flag Scholar Bacchus 1485
flag Lay monk Gozer 1485
flag Ix Chel Mammut 1456
flag Builder Wolke 1451
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Player Number of games*
flag Ahaucan Jimboom 3517
flag Itzamna Glück 1286
flag Lay monk surfohio 558
flag Nun Dine 511
flag Weaver granny 423
flag Architect Sparhawk 399
flag Mayor Raini 282
flag Chaac Lumumba 270
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